Our Products

Antacid API being used mostly in combination, we offer wide range consistent high quality products under one roof with strong technical and logistic customer support.   In addition to this we also offer products which are used other than pharmaceutical use.
Antacid API

  • Aluminium Hydroxide Gel
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Magaldrate ( Aluminium Magnesium Hydroxide Sulphate )
  • Magnesium Trisilicate
  • Magnesium Silicate
  • Aluminium Phosphate

The products are offered in paste, powder and micronised grade powder which is been successfully used to make liquid antacid formulations in place of conventional paste form of the products.
Product for Lake Colour

  • Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Low Heavy Lead Content

Product is specially developed for Lake colour as per customer’s specification
Product for other application of  water treatment, Aluminium Salts etc.

  • Aluminium Hydroxide Amorphous
  • Aluminium Sulphate
  • Poly Aluminium Chloride

Friedel Craft’s Reaction

  • Organic API intermediate
  • Dyes Intermediate