Vasundhara Rasayan Limited, is  the leading manufacturer and exporter of  Antacids therapeutic category of Active Pharm Ingredients  with annual capacity of about 1500 MT of powder or its equivalent products.
It started its operation in the year 1990 with an Antacid API facility offering product in paste, powder and micronised grade of powder. 
The plant is located on National Highway between Mumbai and Goa in an Industrial Zone called Mahad which is about 170 KMS from Mumbai and about 125 KMS from the NSICT /JNPT Ports Mumbai.
In addition to the API manufacturing Vasundhara is also having an API intermediate plant to handle organic products with its state of the art specialised Friedel Craft reaction facility. 

Our Speciality

The manufacturing area is maintained as per GMP standards.  In addition to the standard set of machinery required for production of  consistent quality, efficient and smooth flow production process the heart of the production plant is the Spray Drier.
Spray Drying System: It is a totally closed system that prevents any contamination and complies with GMP requirements. Air coming in contact with the product in spray drier is passed through micron filter & then heated indirectly to more than 300 DEG C.  The high temperature air and the instant drying in a closed system helps to have minimum microbial contamination and any foreign matter during the drying which is the most common issues with the Antacid API.
The atomizer helps to produce product with consistent quality of particle size & free flowing properties. Due to consistent quality of particle size, bulk density the customer can optimize their production process specially the water quantity in wet granulation, mixing time as well as fluid bed drying time and energy.

State of the art  vertical plant with three floors for smoother flow of material from one step to other.  GLRs for reaction helps to have minimum contamination.  Titanium cooling coil quencher helps to quench mass effectively and also minimise the possible contamination from ice and its physical dumping.
A three stage effective Scrubber helps to arrest all the HCl vapour from the reaction and quencher to keep the atmosphere clean.
The unique aspect of this facility is the most environmental friendly consumption of the Aluminium Chloride solution in-house making the facility sustainable for such business for long time without any environmental concern. 

Packaging & Delivery

After all the efforts put in to manufacture the products under strict GMP conditions, we ensure that our each product reaches our customers in a condition that would not have any concern associated with it.  Right from the warehousing to transportation of products, we ensure that packing material is strong enough to withstand the harsh handling conditions.
Goods are offered in various packing such as HDPE 25  KGs bags, Jumbo bags for bulk handling, in HMHDPE drums. All the packed products are offered lose bags/drums as well as palletised.
In-house container stuffing terminal with fork lift helps to stuff the container for export at factory which helps customer to receive the goods as it is been stuffed at our plant with due care by experienced staff.

On-time Delivery  As one of the leaders in our business with high capacity of  plant, sufficient warehouse for finished goods inventory and location about 125 KMs from the port as well as the major transport hub helps us to commit and honour on time delivery which helps our customer to plan their production with minimum inventory.

Customer Support in Development

Leveraging our long experience of Aluminium and Magnesium based product of about 25 years and working with customers in pharma industry helps us to give the best to our clients.  At our R&D we develop products and technologies to meet the challenges of the changing markets and global demands. 
One of the most common development that our team works with customer to help them to change over from conventional paste form of product to Micronised grade powder product to make liquid antacid formulation replacing the conventional paste form of product which helps customer to reduce handling, warehousing, testing of inputs as well as costing.



Being one of the front-runners in this industry, our genuine, safe & effective product has enabled us a preferred destination for our clients across the world. Over the course of years, we have become the industry’s most reliable and economical source for high and consistent quality products. Offering best service at economical price, today we have earned large number of satisfied customers. Our esteemed clients are leading names in India pharmaceutical industry such as:

  • Abbott Ltd.
  • Alembic Pharmaceutical Ltd.
  • Cipla India.
  • Deys Medical Stores (Mfg.) Ltd.
  • Meyer Organics Ltd.
  • Novartis Ltd.
  • Piramal (India) Ltd.
  • Pfizer India
  • Ranbaxy
  • Strides Arcolabs

At Vasundhara Rasayans, we cater to the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical industry not just as suppliers but also provide technical backup support. Following international quality guidelines and through optimal utilization of limited resources, today we have developed our wide client base all across the globe.

Our Essence

Empowered with diverse experience in this high growth industry, we are committed to maximize our market leadership through on-time delivery of  products and continuous improvement with team effort.